Brazil, the worlds finest address in terms of (downwind) kiting!

Quote of the Team:


''This whole Kitetrip in the north-east of Brazil is designed as a mix of adventure holidays, experiencing a new kite (life)- style, testing out your limits and freeing your mind from everything else...


"The more time you are out there on the ocean going downwind, the more natural it gets and you will just enjoy the ride and get addicted...''


'' A pure kitesurfing adventure without missing anything''


 Some Quotes of the day from our clients:


'' Most exciting and challenging kiteholidays ever''


“ You will feel yourself closer to the ocean then ever before!“


"I would die for another day like that"


"It is just magic!"

Impressions from our Adventure Kite Trip

"Charge your Mind" - Adventure Kite Trip

"I would die, only to do that downwinder one more time"

This quote of one of our participants, we probably should not take it too serious, but it shows in a perfect way the emotions and feelings this very special kitetrip can set free (and trust us, it always does!). We already mentioned before on our starting page, that this Downwind Trip has the potential to change a (kiters) life and thats indeed the case. We ourselves are kiting since 1999 around the world but discovering the northern part from Jericoacoara on, by Kite, we never before saw something so beautiful, pristine and breathtaking in kitesurfing ever before! Completely new spots, world class flatwater - and top wavespots with nobody else then our small group, because you can just get there by Kite. The combination of the before mentioned together with the challenge of kiting for 300 - 350K in changing conditions, on the ocean with waves, walking over dunes, getting into rivers , kiting down the river, having lunch on an island brought by our supply boat...all of that is making this "Charge your Mind" downwind trip a highlight in everyones (kite)life, without any doubt!

This trip is a CUTOMIZED downwind adventure, that means when you are a group of 3-6 friends we can arrange this special downwind adventure  just as and when you wish! We will give you some ideas, we will present you all existing possibilities and you can choose and combine like you want. You decide how many days you want to be on "route" and in which Hotels / Pousadas you want to spend your nights. If you want to have a video / photographer with you or not, you decide we will assist you.

Following one example of how this "Charge your Mind" downwind trip can look like...

Day 1 : Arrival at Fortaleza Airport. We will pick you up - transfer to the Hotel in Prea / Jericoacoara


Day 2 : Easy kiting at the Kitebeach. We will check out everyones Level. Briefing and lunch all together at Vila Prea. Check out of all safety

             systems , dinner in Jericoacoara.


Start of the Downwinder...  


Day 3 : Jericoacoara - Tatajuba  24K              

             easy going downwinder to get started. Lunch at the lagoon of Tatajuba. 4x4 transfer to Camocim. Night in the Hotel 'Casa de Sao Jose''


Day 4 : Camocim - Barra dos Remedios  30K

             Lunch at Barra dos Remedios, more free kiting at this fantastic spot. Transfer to Barra Grande afterwards.

             Night in Barra Grande. 


Day 5 : Day in Barra Grande to relax, to get a massage, for more kiting, filming and teaching.  We have a little secret spot where we will shoot

             the photos and do small videos of you. For those who wants to improve their technic our two professional Instructors will be there for

             you. 2nd night in Barra Grande.


Day 6 : Barra Grande - Luis Correia  40K   and the possibility to continue till Pedra do Sal  25K  Total: 65K  

             Most probably you will see after BG a lot of turtles in the water, small and big ones! This stretch of way is a perfect mix of flat-water

             and wave spots.  Night in Parnaiba, Hotel Santo Antonio.


Day 7 : Pedra do Sal - Secret Spot  12K 

             easy going Downwind a little bit off the coast, coming to the Secret will go crazy! Its probably one of the most incredible 

             flatwaterspots worldwide! Most of the time this spot is almost empty, since its absolutely off the path and you can come there

             only by Downwind or by a 45min boat drive. Here we are staying for kiting. Enjoy your time! A Boat will be there for us, with lunch and

             shade. here we will do the 2nd part of the filming. Its just perfect for it!



Day 8 : Pedra do Sal - Island of Guajiru Delta  33K 

             absolutely spectacular part of the trip! Kiting on the ocean, then crossing a belt of dunes with your kite in the air and then coming to

             a river...lets go river kiting!!! To one side nothing else then white dunes, to the other side, green mangroves! We will kite directly to the

             doorsteps of our Pousada for this night in the middle of the Delta with an amazing view!


Day 9 : Island of Guajiru - Tutoia  60K

             On the way we will pass small Islands, on one we will have Lunch, brought by a boat. We will pass really nice wavespots on this stretch

             of the trip, good for playing inside these waves and improving with your surfboard! Also we will kite by a top notch flatwater spot.                                  

             On 2km2  waist deep butterflat water, a perfect (raceing) playground. The night we will spend in Tutoia.


Day 10:  1st possibility : Tutoia - Paulino Neves  40K

               2nd possibility : Paulino Neves - Atins  30K

               3rd possibility : Tutoia - Atins  70K


We reached our final destination... time to celebrate!


Day 11 : its your day! Relaxing, sleeping in the hammock, having a massage, doing an excursion into the national park  Lencois Maranhenses

               or even kiting in the 1st class conditions Atins has to offer...its up to you, everything is possible! We are there to assist and to help you

               whenever you need.


Day 12 : Departure...even this one is an adventure! A boat is picking you up, bringing you up the Rio (river) Preguica (45min.) From there your

               4x4 Transfer to Sao Luis Airport is organized. For those who wants to go back to Jericoacoara / Prea to extend their stay there, no

               problem at all, the 4x4 is bringing you back there as well.






                                                                                               Every participant has to be able to:


                                                                                      ride upwind at all time and under all conditions!


                                                                                      do a safe and fast relaunch under all conditions!



                                                                                                  riding  downwind easily in all speed!


                                                                                                     turning and riding switch easily!


                                                                                                                    do a self rescue!

Click on the GPS records from our last Trip to enlarge the images...





the northeast of Brazil, specially the region from Prea/jericoacoara is the worldwide No1 in "Windreliability" with incredible plus 99% of days over 

4bft in the windy season, which is from end of july till mid/end of december.


Most of the days its blowing in between 20 - 30knots. The photo on the left shows you where the wind is blowing from...

''Enjoy your ride and get addicted''