"Chill Brazil" Adventure Kite Tour

"2 weeks nonstop kiting, getting to know 4 different kite villages and more then 10 top kitespots!"




The "Chill Brazil" Tour is made for all kind of kite levels, when you can ride upwind then you are fine!


We created this Adventure Kite Trip in a way, we ourselves, always wanted to experience real kitesurfholidays. 

Back in the days when we started kitesurfing, at one point we booked as well our first kite trip dreaming of:


- having every day wind, which was the most important, since we were already addicted to the sport...

- not too crowded spots, so that we can try and learn without getting in trouble with others.

- as intermediate kiters, we loved to have flatwater.

- we wanted to have steady wind.

- as we were more experienced we liked a few more waves too!

- and of course we watched out to have a nice hotel and surrounding, for a chilled after kite session at the bar or restaurant.


But sometimes it was frustrating, not all of our wishes and hopes were becoming reality , most of times it lacked already with our first and most important wish for every day of wind, instead  we could be happy with 50 to 60% of windy days...


So when we discovered all these fantastic small villages, all these stunning kite spots up in the north of Brazil, with the experience from our own kite schools here at these places, that in the last 10 years we missed only 7 days of wind in the windy season, then we said to us: okay we have to offer a very special Adventure Kite Trip to our clients, something we always dreamed of. 


We are ready for it!


Come and join us on this magic Kite Trip, you will be absolutely stoked!



AKT Team











Some information about this Adventure Kite Trip




the northeast of Brazil, specially the region from Prea/jericoacoara is the worldwide No1 in "Windreliability" with incredible plus 99% of days over 

4bft in the windy season, which is from end of july till mid/end of december.


Most of the days its blowing in between 20 - 30knots.

Locations which you will discover:


On our "Chill Brazil" Tour we will have our bases in 4 different Villages

which are located in 3 different states of Brazil.


Jericoacoara - Ceara

Barra Grande - Piaui

Delta do Parnaiba - Piaui

Atins - Maranhao


From these bases you will have the chance to discover the best kitespots around

and kite and kite and kite!


Flatwater & Wavespots:


you will kite on absolut world class flatwaterspots, some of them even not existing on the "kitespotmap" and you will have at the same time the chance to get some nice little waves to train in.


The best part is, that most of these spots are "combispots" meaning you will find the flatwater and the waves pretty near together. Perfect training and skill

improvment is almost guaranteed ...and a lot of fun, of course as well!




 Perfect Groupsize:


The "Chill Brazil" Adventure Kite Trip will be organized with 05 to 10 persons maximum. So we will make sure that our spots are not getting overcrowded and you have all the space you need.

Adventure & Emotions:


There is a reason why we named our tours Adventure Kite Trips, when we are going on a kite tour with you then we are doing it right! With adventure, emotions and adrenalin.

All this is guaranteed, when we are cruising with our Jeeps trough the desert and  along the beaches, when we are getting by boat to a secret spot in the 3rd worlds biggest Delta (Delta do Parnaiba). Last but no least its absolutely awesome to kite on places they are still very remote and you are getting to your Pousada only by boat! 


Your home away from home:


we will take care that you will sleep very good and comfortable after a long day on the water,  therefore we will stay in charming & clean and super chilled Pousadas which we know already long time. Accommodation is organized normally in double rooms. If you wish a single room, thats no problem we will organize that easily. Single rooms are available with a 30% charge on top.


Foto in this picture: Pousada Baoba Jericoacoara.

Here an example of a "Chill Brazil" Tour (05.12. till 18.12)

05.12. till 09.12.  (4 nights) we will stay in Jericoacoara. We will drive to different spots like, Barrinhas, Prea and Guriu. Barrinhas is a top notch flatwaterspot by lowtide. The best fresh seafood restaurant of the region is near by, so we can have a perfect lunch there.

Nice downwind to do is from Barrinhas to Prea or to the "Placa" which has a distance from 15K.

Guriu is a world class Flatwaterspot, with waves in front of the sandbank. We will bring you to all these spots!


In the morning after breakfast on day 09.12. we are leaving to Barra Grande. Its a 2,5 to 3hrs drive, so we will arrive in time that you can go still

on the water. There are 3 top spots, Barra Grande mainbeach, Barra Grande lagoon and eventually Macapa, which is in a 5K distance.

All our Chill Brazil Tour dates are coordinated that we will have the best conditions for the spots in Barra Grande!

We will stay 3 nights in Barra Grande (09.12. till 12.12.).


Next Stop is Itaqui (12.12 till 14.12.) where we are staying 2 nights, its a 1,5 hrs drive from Barra Grande. Itaqui has a stunning beach, with flatwater and it can have a very nice wave too. One day we will kite directly in front of the pousada the other day we will drive to the little habour where we will get a boat for us. Then we have an adventure drive of 30-40 min in front of us, till we are arriving at the secret spot in the middle of the Delta. We will take a late lunch at an Island inside the Delta.

Leaving Itaqui on the 14th in the morning and getting to Atins.


Atins  4 nights (14.12 till 18.12.) in total. Atins is still super remote, you are coming there only by boat, the spot itself is probably one of the top 10 combi spots in the world! You can have top class flatwaterspots, wavespots and when this  special lagoon behind the sandbank is filled up with water you have an amazing race spot and on top of it you can do even an 80K downwinder...absolutley awesome kiting conditions and a stunning nature. Atins is the entry of the lencois maranhense national park which had the honor to be the front cover of one of the latest National Geographic journal.

At the 18th in the morning you can decide if you need a transfer to Sao Luis Airport or if you are going back with us to Jericoacoara and flying from Fortaleza.


following a few pictures from the spots you will kite on:

Here a choice of possible accommodation were we will stay:

Pousadas in Jericoacoara

Pousadas in Barra Grande

Pousadas in Parnaiba / Itaqui

Pousadas in Atins

This is a choice of Pousadas we are working normally together with. Please note that in these locations are not existing big Hotels, so depending on the number of participants and bookings in the pousadas we will only know shortly before the trip in which one we will be accommodated. Due to the reservation situation of the pousadas we could end up staying as well in a different one which is not listed above. But of course in this case we will make sure that the quality and standard & price category will be the same!

Save the dates:

Beginning of the"Chill Brazil" Tours 2017


September: 12.09 - 25.09.

Oktober     : 11.10 - 24.10.

November : 07.11 - 20.11.

Dezember : 05.12 - 18.12.

What does this Trip cost?

The price for this 13 days "Chill Brazil" Adventure Kite Trip is about 2850,- euros per person. Including all Pousadas with breakfast, all transportation during the trip as well as the transfer back to Jericoacoara or to the airport in Sao Luis at the end of your Holidays. A part of that, every participant will receive an event Lycra & T-shirt

Your guides on the Adventure Kite Trips:




Marcio Hernandez:



Born in Sao Paulo, living since 15 years now in Jericoacoara.

He is the owner of MH Kiteschool and since 2015 the examiner of the ABK ( Brasilian Kitesurfing Association ) There he is in charge of  the kiteinstructor education/examination for the northeast part of Brazil.

Kiting is his life and long distance downwinder his passion!

Marcio speaks apart of his mother language portugues perfectly english.



Marko Berger


started kitesurfing in 1999 and was teaching around the world since 

2003. From 2002 to 2007 he was member of the test team for the german KITE

Magazin. He came to Brazil in 2007 and is the owner of the kite school 

Blu Kitesurfing Jericoacoara.

His passion are the long distance downwinders and  wave freestyle.

Marko is fluent in portugues, german, english and comes along with french quite


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